Lifecycle Master Consultant Certification

The Institute is proud to launch the Lifecycles Master Consultant Certification, a rigorous professional development opportunity geared to seasoned consultants who wish to deepen their consulting skills. Led by founder, Susan Kenny Stevens Ph.D., the Lifecycles Master Consultant Certification provides experienced consultants a high-intensity professional development experience that results in both a professional certification, as well as a network of Lifecycles qualified national peers. The requirements are stated below with a link to the application.


Eligibility Requirements


  • Minimum five years full-time consulting experience with nonprofit organizations;
  • Read Nonprofit Lifecycles book and exhibit complete understanding of concepts related to capacity and life stages;
  • Committed to using Lifecycles methodology as primary tool for assessing and consulting on nonprofit capacity;
  • Participated as a consultant for one of the Nonprofit Lifecycles ™ capacity-building programs led by Dr. Stevens or a current Nonprofit Lifecycles licensee;
  • Completed an application of interest (click here for PDF application);
  • Provided nonprofit references from those you have consulted that describe the type of work completed;
  • Provided consultant’s diagnosis of the lifecycle stage of prior client work.


The 2016 application process is limited to 10 consultants.


Completion Requirements


  • Demonstrate thorough knowledge of Nonprofit Lifecycle stages;
  • Participate in pre-requisite class: Consultant Orientation to Nonprofit Lifecycles
  • Facilitation of a minimum four Nonprofit Lifecycle Self-Assessments ™ representing at least 300 hours of consulting time and submitted and approved by Dr. Stevens or completion of two Nonprofit Lifecycles Self-Assessments and two experiential case studies, representing various lifecycle stages and documents thorough understanding of stage-related challenges;
  • Attendance at annual Lifecycles Master Consultants Intensive Seminars;
  • Final oral and written exam including reflective understanding of the lifecycle stage currently most suited to your interest and practice.


Once certified, consultants will


  • Receive a certificate of completion and listed on Nonprofit Lifecycles Institute’s website as a Lifecycles Master Consultant including a biography and contact information;
  • Join a national referral base for lifecycle related consulting;
  • Receive non-exclusive access to Nonprofit Lifecycles materials and images including Nonprofit Lifecycles Self-Assessment tool for use in consulting practice and occasional speaking engagements;
  • Entitled to purchase Nonprofit Lifecycle books at a discounted rate of $20 per book.


Lifecycle Master Consultant Application