Our Team

Introducing Our Team of Funders & Consultants.


The institute is proud to introduce our team of national Funders, Consultants and Master Consultants. These are professionals using the lifecycle approach to capacity in their daily professional work.


Our Master Consultants have completed rigorous eligibility requirements over the past five years, and many of our Lifecycle consultants are in process of earning their Masters accreditation. We offer classes each year for all levels of consultants interested in learning the lifecycle model, or furthering their professional development. Let the Nonprofit Lifecycles Institute become your community of practice.


We are most grateful to our current Foundation Team Members who have adopted the lifecycles approach in their grantmaking practices. If you are a Foundation that uses Lifecycles in your work, please let us know!


Interested in Joining the Institute as a Lifecycle Consultant or Funder? Click here.

Funders/Program Officers

Lindsay McClung, The Gifford Foundation, Syracuse, NY

Lindsay McClung

Director of Community Grantmaking

The Gifford Foundation


Cherryl Masters, City of Vancouver Arts and Culture, Vancouver BC

Cherryl Masters

Cultural Planner

City of Vancouver Cultural Services


Ellen Solowey, Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust, Phoenix, AZ

Ellen Solowey

Program Officer

Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust


Lifecycle Master Consultants

Susan Burgess, Syracuse, NY




Susan Burgess has 27 years of experience as an organizational development consultant with organizations such as Humana, The Coca Cola Company, Hewlett Packard and Lloyds Banking Group. For the last ten years she has specialized in capacity-building services to the nonprofit sector.  She has assisted nonprofit leadership in strategic planning, building internal and external collaboration and leadership transition, strengthening the capacity and sustainability of the nonprofit sector. Susan is a Lifecycle Master Consultant and has conducted six Lifecycle Assessments as part of her work with the Gifford Foundation’s ADVANS Program.

Susan splits her time between Syracuse, NY and Seattle, WA.

Katie Doucette, Syracuse, NY




With over three decades of experience in professional and personal development, Katie Doucette offers clients a proven track record and deep understanding of human dynamics, performance motivation and social systems.


Specializing in executive coaching, nonprofit leadership and capacity building consulting, she is one of the founders of The Leading Element. The firm is dedicated to providing executive and organizational development, leadership development, assessments, strategic planning, capacity building, succession planning and team building. She consults with foundations, direct service agencies, volunteer organizations and their leaders to provide strategic planning and implementation, customized capacity-building initiatives, executive coaching and executive leadership development programs. This work fosters organizational sustainability and forward-thinking practices.

Maria Fibiger, Winchester/Northern, VA




Maria Fibiger is an experienced nonprofit management consultant and President of Three Dog Consulting Inc. where she provides organizational capacity building services including: fund development planning, business planning and board development. She served in executive and board leadership positions, and has a deep passion and understanding of the importance of nonprofit organizations within the framework of a community’s socio-economic stability and positive growth.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration with a Certification in Nonprofit Management & Organizational Development from the University of Illinois at Chicago.  Maria is a Lifecycle Master Consultant and has conducted five Lifecycle Assessments as part of her work with the Gifford Foundation’s ADVANS Program. She also leads the Gifford Foundation’s POWER capacity building program for Start-up organizations.

Sharon Flanagan-Hyde, Phoenix, AZ




As senior partner with Flanagan-Hyde Associates LLC, Sharon helps a wide-range of social profit organizations, foundations, school systems and government agencies identify their strengths and organizational needs. She guides clients through capacity building efforts such as strategic planning and action, strengthening board governance, and facilitating systems-level change efforts in areas such as integrated physical and behavioral health care, public education, child safety, and community wellness. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Williams College and a Master of Arts in Organizational Change from Prescott College. She is a Master Lifecycle Consultant and is working with her fourth and fifth Lifecycle Assessment and Capacity Building clients through Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust’s ATLAS Program. She is a BoardSource Certified Governance Trainer, a Fourth Quadrant Partners Certified Emergent Learning Master Practitioner, and an International Association of Business Communicators Accredited Business Communicator.

Kim Hartmann, Phoenix, AZ



Kim Hartmann, CEO of KCH Solutions LLC, enables organizations to achieve high performance through people, process and purpose.  Kim shares nearly thirty years of management consulting experience including strategic planning, capacity building, change management and leadership development services.  As a former partner of Arthur Andersen Business Consulting and leadership roles with Fortune 50 global technology companies, Kim translates her global for-profit experiences and successes to her not-for-profit clients including her organizational lifecycle consulting clients through the Atlas program since 2012.  Kim enables and empowers her clients to achieve sustainable, measurable organizational and personal change.


Kim currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona, with her family and two overly pampered rescue dogs.  She is a CPA and cum laude graduate of Arizona State University with a B.S. in Accounting, as well as, a graduate of Valley Leadership, a Flinn-Brown Civic Leadership Academy fellow and Nonprofit Lifecycle Institute Master Consultant.  Kim’s personal passion is to improve the lives of women and children and build thriving communities.  She currently serves on the boards of Scottsdale Unified School District, Arizona Foundation for Women, the Charros Foundation and Business United for Scottsdale Schools.

Steve Schack, New York, NY




Steve Schack founded Clear Blue Associates to help clients achieve tangible results and make sustainable change happen — for their organizations, themselves and their teams. Bringing over twenty years of consulting and management experience to his work, Steve has worked for a wide variety of non profit organizations spanning education, healthcare, social services and the arts. Previously at Ernst & Young and Capgemini, he built a record of achievement working with major clients and their executives on issues ranging from business transformation to organizational effectiveness and change management.  Steve earned a Masters of Business Administration from George Washington, a Bachelor of Arts from Rutgers University, and Leadership Coaching Certification from Georgetown University. Steve is a Lifecycle Master Consultant and has conducted six full Lifecycle Assessments as part of his work with clients including the Gifford Foundation’s ADVANS Program, the Rose Community Foundation’s BOOST Program, and the Health Foundation for Western and Central New York’s Ready or Not Program.

Stephanie L. Small, Phoenix, AZ




Stephanie Small is President of Synergy Partners Consulting, an independent consulting company that focuses on building the organizational capacity of mission-driven organizations. She specializes in business and strategic planning and board governance within a lifecycles framework to nonprofits to achieve their goals and make the world a better place. As a Lifecycle Master Consultant, Stephanie manages ADVANS, a Lifecycles Capacity program sponsored by The Gifford Foundation, Syracuse NY; and is in her fourth year as a Lifecycles Consultant for Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust Atlas program in Phoenix, AZ. Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Arts Administration, a Masters of Business Administration, is a BoardSource Certified Governance Trainer and has 28 years of practical experience in the nonprofit sector. She strives to bring a balance of solid business practices with a deep understanding of nonprofit culture.

Lifecycle Consultants

Diane Espaldon, Los Angeles, CA

Rebecca Glenn, Phoenix, AZ

Beth Leibrick, Syracuse, NY

Cynthia O’Connor, Syracuse, NY

Bruce Weber, Phoenix, AZ

Michael Whitehead-Bust, Denver, CO