Lifecycling: High Hope

May, 2016
by Susan Kenny Stevens, Ph.D.

Welcome to Lifecycling, an occasional blog, where we will explore life’s personal, professional and organizational transitions.

I dip my toes into the waters of blogging only days after launching Nonprofit Lifecycles Institute, and just weeks after the birth of my fourth grandchild, Clare, named for my grandmother.

My sense of anticipation, hope and promise for what Clare’s life will become, parallels the optimism I have for the Institute. It’s a high hope.

I’ve written a fair amount about management and financial issues pertaining to nonprofits and philanthropy; and it would be easy to repurpose some of those books and articles here. But rather than look back, this blog will look forward and focus on a subject that is both timely and future-oriented ~ how individuals and organizations make successful transitions from where they are “now” to “what’s next.”

Lifecycling is meant for baby-boomers considering retirement (a concept which needs a major overhaul in both definition and perception), as well as other professionals who, though earlier in their career, want to think about how to approach a professional transition.

Because I spent so much of my professional life on issues related to organizational development, I will also talk about challenges nonprofit organizations face as they transition from one lifecycle stage to another.

So welcome baby Clare to this big, wide, wonderful world. And welcome all to Lifecycling where together we will explore life’s personal, professional and organizational transitions with High Hope.