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We welcome you to join the Nonprofit Lifecycle Institute as a member. Membership includes access to members only resources and discounts. Lifecycle Capacity Consultant and Certified Lifecycle Capacity Consultant memberships require NLI approval based on meeting certain criteria listed in the membership type.

By joining the Institute as a member, you agree to adhere to our Code of Ethics.


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What’s Included
  • Full access to free resources

  • Notification of upcoming events and trainings



per year

Open to any individual looking to support the Lifecycle’s approach.

What’s Included
  • Registered member benefits plus the following …

  • Access to member only resources

  • Discount on the Nonprofit Lifecycles: Stage-based Wisdom for Nonprofit Capacity  book

  • Discount on Introduction to Lifecycles Capacity Consulting training

  • Discount to register for Annual meeting

Lifecycle Capacity Consultant


per year

Open to individuals who have completed the 6 hour Introduction to Lifecycle Consulting course & will use Lifecycles as an organizing principle in their work.

What’s Included
  • Individual member benefits plus the following …

  • Access to the Lifecycles Assessment (The Selfie)

  • Professional development discount

  • Learning library of recorded professional development

  • Cancel anytime


per year

Open to organizations that use Lifecycles as an organizing principle for their work with nonprofits and have at least one Lifecycles Capacity Consultant.

What’s Included
  • Individual member benefits plus the following …

  • Provides membership for up to 3 Lifecycles Capacity Consultants and/or Certified Lifecycles Capacity Consultants

  • Reduced membership rate for additional Lifecycles Capacity Consultants/Certified Lifecycle Capacity Consultants

  • For LCC/CLCC members, access to use the Selfie

Seasoned consultants, who have successfully completed multiple lifecycles assessments and consultancies under Institute supervision, may learn more about becoming a Certified Lifecycle Capacity Consultants here.