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    • Breaking the 4th Wall
      • Digital Facilitation
  • Recorded | Breaking the 4th Wall with Digital Facilitation

    Shifting your business and meetings to the digital world can be daunting. How can you capture the same energy, interactivity, and impact of in-person facilitation online? Join creative consultants Abby Wilkymacky (Mindflower Studio) and Kim Larkin (MXD Arts) for a visually-stimulating digital session. You will learn tips, tricks, and tools to prepare for all types of digital facilitation, from meetings to collaborative workshops. Whether you’re a newbie or virtual wizard, we have something for you. Boost your confidence and leave ready to run smooth, digital sessions that are interactive, engaging, effective, and fun.


    • Different types of meetings and how to prepare for them
    • Digital and analog tools and techniques
    • Synchronous vs. asynchronous facilitation
    • When and how to use your new toolkit
    • Designing sessions with your new toolkit
    • Ideas to break the 4th wall

    Recorded | Breaking the 4th Wall with Digital Facilitation