What is the Lifecycles Model?

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The Lifecycles model provides the guidance and structure nonprofits need to realize their missions with clarity and sustainability. When nonprofits succeed, communities succeed. The Lifecycles model is how we get there.

Like human development, nonprofit capacity progresses in stages… the challenges of Start-up are different from Maturity. A Lifecycles approach to building nonprofit capacity gives you the starting point no matter your size, age, area of focus, or budget. Right-size your operations for maximum impact.

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What is Capacity?

Capacity is another word for organizational capability and competence. Think of an organization’s operating capacity as the ‘table legs’ that support its mission and programs. The management, governance, business model, and administrative services each contribute to a nonprofit’s organizational capacity.

Why Capacity Matters?

Building capacity strengthens the organizational platform that supports and sustains a nonprofit’s Mission and Programs. Without it, nonprofits can’t hope to achieve high performance or make a long-term impact on society’s well-being. Many nonprofits focus on creating new programs and keeping administrative costs low often at the peril of the organizational capacity necessary to achieve their aspirations effectively and efficiently. See our Impact page to hear from other organization’s who have worked on capacity building.

Who is the Nonprofit Lifecycle Institute?

Nonprofit Lifecycles Institute is a community of nonprofit leaders, consultants, and funders who cultivate an ecosystem of healthy, dynamic, and collaborative nonprofit organizations, funders, and consultants, providing the guidance and structure for nonprofits to realize their missions with clarity and sustainability. Founded in 2015 by Susan Kenny Stevens Ph.D., the Institute focuses on the teachings documented in Nonprofit Lifecycles: Stage-based Wisdom for Nonprofit Capacity. Learn more about our Team and History.

Where do I start?

Click on the link that applies to you below to get your capacity building journey started today.

“Nonprofits are important to our communities – we need them. We need them to be around in the future to support our communities. We need them to strive not only for programmatic excellence, but for the capacity to achieve it.”

Jennifer Bonnett, President & CEO of Nonprofit Lifecycles Institute
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