Frequently Asked Questions

What impacts can I expect utilizing the Nonprofit Lifecycles model?2023-06-22T11:15:06-07:00

Visit the Impacts page to learn more.

I am a nonprofit and am interested in learning more. What should I do next?2023-06-21T12:51:02-07:00

The Nonprofits’ page is coming soon.

What is the Online Selfie?2023-06-22T11:16:45-07:00

The Online Selfie is a very flexible tool to use with organizations. A few examples of how it has been successfully used include:

  • complete the Online Selfie as a group and build consensus as you go
  • have individuals complete the Online Selfie separately, then bring folks together to discuss results and come to an agreement
  • activate various Selfies at once and hold a workshop with multiple organizations that work though the Selfie

LCC & CLCC Members have access to the Online Selfie as part of their membership.

Read through the Lifecycles Online Selfie Guide to learn more.


When is the next Nonprofit Lifecycles event or training?2023-06-22T11:12:12-07:00

Check out the Events page.

Where can I learn more about becoming a Nonprofit Lifecycles Consultant?2023-06-22T11:14:29-07:00

Consultants who wish to adopt the Lifecycles approach to capacity building and further the work of the Institute can do so by attending an Intro to Lifecycles Capacity Consulting session, integrating the practices into their consulting services, and affiliating with other Lifecycle Capacity Consultants in the sector. Learn what the Institute has to offer you.

The Consultants’ page is coming soon.

Who does Nonprofit Lifecycles Institute serve?2022-09-27T17:51:25-07:00

Nonprofit Lifecycles Institute serves nonprofit organizations across the globe. Through our work, we train consultants in the Lifecycles model, educate and partner with funders, and build programs that empower organizations to create lasting change and grow their impact.

Why is your work so important?2022-09-27T17:51:04-07:00

From advancing diversity, to supporting the arts, to feeding the hungry, nonprofit organizations across the globe are integral to moving our communities forward. When they succeed, things get better for all of us.

That’s why our work is so important. When nonprofits experience the guidance and structure that our model provides, they are more successful and better-equipped to change the world.

What does the Nonprofit Lifecycles Institute do?2022-09-27T17:50:29-07:00

We cultivate an ecosystem of healthy, dynamic, and collaborative nonprofit organizations, funders and consultants. We do this through the Lifecycles model: a paradigm-shifting, stage-based approach that provides the guidance and structure nonprofits need to realize their missions with clarity and sustainability.

What is Nonprofit Lifecycles Institute?2022-09-27T17:49:42-07:00

Nonprofit Lifecycles Institute is a community of nonprofit leaders, consultants, and funders who cultivate an ecosystem of healthy, dynamic, and collaborative nonprofit organizations, funders and consultants.


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