When nonprofits are at their best, their communities’ resources and talents are maximized and their biggest problems are being addressed.  The Lifecycles model enables nonprofits to identify and allocate the right resources to their internal infrastructure.  Dollars from funders are spent with intention and sustainability.  Consultants are meaningfully integrated into the nonprofits they work with, ensuring they have the best tools and practices for capacity building and right-sizing their infrastructure. Read on to learn more about the impacts of working with Nonprofit Lifecycles Institute.

  • All About Nonprofit Lifecycles!

    Embracing Disruption: Lessons Learned published November 2021

  • BOOST – Building Organizational Operating Strength Together

    Lifecycles in Action: BOOST, Rose Community Foundation’s Lifecycle Capacity Program Read the full report.

  • What lessons have emerged through the Embracing Disruption Program so far?

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    The 10-year impact of the Gifford Foundation's ADVANS Program. Building Nonprofit Capacity in Central New York: The 10-year Impact of the Gifford Foundation’s ADVANS Program Learn more about the program. Read the full report. [...]