Nonprofit Lifecycles Self-Assessment Guide

Read on to learn about the Nonprofit Lifecycles Self Assessment tool, also known as the ‘Selfie’

*Available in English and Spanish!

The Nonprofit Lifecycles Self-Assessment tool, also known as the ‘Selfie,’ is a step-by-step mini-assessment tool. The Online Selfie should be filled out by nonprofit executives, staff and/or board members to pinpoint “where they are” and reflect on capacity areas for improvement. Results are then compiled and sent to the organization lead for evaluation. A printed booklet version of the Selfie is also available as a supplemental tool or as a stand alone version.


   Selfie Guide


  • A Lifecycles Self-Assessment completed by individuals within an organization
  • Online Lifecycles Self-Assessment is known as the “Online Selfie”
  • Individual results are designed to compare and glean key information about an organization’s capacity in programs and the four capacity areas
  • Online survey includes training videos defining organizational capacity and the various Lifecycles stages of capacity


  • Available for both English and Spanish speakers
  • Ideal for Organization Team
  • Teams can be as large or small as necessary to accomplish goals
  • Ideally a mix of board and staff
  • May be self-directed by an organization lead or an enhanced process facilitated by a Lifecycles Capacity Consultant


  • Purchase access to the Online Selfie tool via our website
  • Receive an automated confirmation email containing the access link to the assessment questionnaire
  • Access link should be shared with all organization team members
  • Results will be shared with the assigned organization team lead on the date requested
  • Purchase the supplemental paper copy of the Self-Assessment via the Store



  • Conduct at any major organizational transition period, such as new leadership in staff/board or when entering strategic planning
  • Annual self-assessments are great touch points for staff and/or board retreats
  • Helping an organization ground the reality of their capacity before endeavoring on strategic planning
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