Lifecycles 101

Lifecycles 101 Training for Consultants and Funders

Registration is open for Lifecycles 101

Two Half-Day Sessions | 9am – 12pm PT / 12 – 3pm ET| June 13 and 14, 2024

Gain the skills and knowledge necessary to help nonprofits achieve their capacity building goals in our comprehensive online course. Register for our next virtual course – Lifecycles 101 (formerly known as Intro to Lifecycles Consulting)- taught live by our President and CEO, Jennifer Bonnett. This professional development opportunity is available for anyone interested in learning our stage-based framework to strengthen and sustain effectiveness for organizations.

**This is a prerequisite course for the next step – Lifecycles 201 Intensive. This June session is the last prerequisite offered for the next Lifecycles 201, which starts in August!

Lifecycles 101 will:

  • Define capacity and demonstrate why capacity counts
  • Teach you the seven stages of Nonprofit Capacity and how to diagnose nonprofit capacity
  • Provide you with an opportunity to reflect on your own capacity building practice
  • Create a community of believers that Strong Nonprofits make Stronger Communities

Successful completion of this workshop includes membership and badging. Webinar details are contained in the confirmation emails, please look for those details.

Both sessions are required for successful completion.

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