President & CEO, Jennifer Bonnett

Jennifer Bonnett has been the President & CEO of Nonprofit Lifecycle Institute since 2019, following its founder Susan Kenny Stevens. Her work is focused on the Institute’s mission of cultivating an ecosystem of healthy, dynamic, and collaborative nonprofit organizations, funders and consultants. 

The Institute leads capacity cohorts throughout North America that directly support vital community organizations. The programs are designed around the Lifecycles’ stage-based framework, allowing organizations to right-size their operations so they can maximize impact. The capacity programs help the organizations align their staffing, resources, partnerships and every other facet to support their programs, mission, vision and values. 

Jennifer can be found leading workshops, trainings, and lectures for consultants, funders, staff, and volunteers in the nonprofit sector. Her work, and all of the Institute’s work is based in the Lifecycles model; a paradigm-shifting, stage-based approach that provides the guidance and structure nonprofits need to realize their missions with clarity and sustainability.

Jennifer has served in various roles within the nonprofit sector – executive director, board member, consultant, volunteer, and advocate. Jennifer holds a Masters in Public Administration, Nonprofit Administration Concentration from Arizona State University, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish.

Through a community-based approach to capacity, she is  committed to helping mission-focused organizations achieve their visions. She believes strong nonprofits create stronger communities.

Jennifer Bonnett, President and CEO of NLI

Jennifer Bonnett

President & CEO